How to Buy Bitcoins

Knowing how to buy bitcoins is integral to Bitcoin binary options trading since you constantly need to fill your wallet with more bitcoins to place more investments over time. There is nothing to worry, though, since purchasing this digital currency is simple and easy, provided that you are aware of the basic steps.

Step#1: Explore different trading marketplaces

There are several more Bitcoin exchanges operating online now as compared to how it was a few years back. In fact, the online exchanges that are available at present possess features that cater for different markets. For instance, there are some that primarily provide services to traders who wish to buy or sell their BTC for USD while other trading marketplaces accommodate an array of foreign currencies.

Step#2: Create an account with an exchange

Once finding the perfect Bitcoin exchange, signing up for an account should follow next. Moreover, depositing real money into the account is needed in order to begin buying bitcoins from fellow traders in the same exchange.

Step#3: Place order and wait for purchased BTC

Always remember that the amount of bitcoins you wish to buy must always be indicated when placing a Buy order. Upon finding a great deal, immediately transfer the funds and wait for a few days before the bitcoins are transferred to your account since exchanges normally take their time in verifying the transactions.

Step#4: Buy instantly in a two-way Bitcoin ATM

Everyone who is learning how to buy bitcoins should know that trading in online exchanges is not the only way to acquire this digital currency. This process can now also be done through a two-way Bitcoin ATM. If such machine is available in your area, you are guaranteed a quick way of buying bitcoins since you can deposit fiat money into the machine and have it instantly exchanged for bitcoins, which are sent directly to your Bitcoin wallet.